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Library Board of Trustees

The Pickens County Library Board of Trustees is a volunteer group appointed by Pickens County Council and is responsible for the Library, its organization and operation. They are the soul and the spirit of the Library. Following is a list of the Trustees and their thoughts:

2016 Board Meetings and Locations

Dr. Bill Seel - Chairman

District 5
It is a privilege to serve on the board for the Pickens County Library System. Whether through free access to the new world of internet information, or through the older pleasures of a really good book, our library system is a place where dreams can be formed, and where the tools can be found to make those dreams come true.

Dennis Latham - Vice Chairman

At Large
Being a member of the Library Board of Trustee’s has given me a whole new appreciation for what the Library System does for our community. As a life long book lover and collector, I have always thought of a library as the place that one can escape to new worlds, learn about old worlds, and expand your knowledge of this world. It is still that, and a whole lot more. Our Library System provides training, resources and facilities that make Pickens County a better place to live. Thank you to all the dedicated employees that help to make this happen.

Bobby Hollandsworth

District 1
Public libraries have always been special places that provide access to information, which is empowering and helps to bridge gaps. Public libraries also provide a sense of community. The Pickens County Library System provides this sense of community along with access to information in a friendly atmosphere that encourages discovery. I am proud of our library system and encourage our community to take full advantage of the many services and activities it provides.

Mary Hamby

District 3

Anne Hendricks

District 4
I am so proud to be associated with such a great organization that provides our citizens with access to knowledge and that fosters education for all ages.

Susan Childers

District 6