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Library Board of Trustees

The Pickens County Library Board of Trustees is a volunteer group appointed by Pickens County Council and is responsible for the Library, its organization and operation. They are the soul and the spirit of the Library. Following is a list of the Trustees and their thoughts:

2014 Board Meetings and Locations

Dr. Bill Seel - Chairman

District 5
It is a privilege to serve on the board for the Pickens County Library System. Whether through free access to the new world of internet information, or through the older pleasures of a really good book, our library system is a place where dreams can be formed, and where the tools can be found to make those dreams come true.

Dennis Latham - Vice Chairman

At Large
Being a member of the Library Board of Trustee’s has given me a whole new appreciation for what the Library System does for our community. As a life long book lover and collector, I have always thought of a library as the place that one can escape to new worlds, learn about old worlds, and expand your knowledge of this world. It is still that, and a whole lot more. Our Library System provides training, resources and facilities that make Pickens County a better place to live. Thank you to all the dedicated employees that help to make this happen.

Bobby Hollandsworth

District 1
Public libraries have always been special places that provide access to information, which is empowering and helps to bridge gaps. Public libraries also provide a sense of community. The Pickens County Library System provides this sense of community along with access to information in a friendly atmosphere that encourages discovery. I am proud of our library system and encourage our community to take full advantage of the many services and activities it provides.

Anne Hendricks

District 4
I am so proud to be associated with such a great organization that provides our citizens with access to knowledge and that fosters education for all ages.

Tom Rust

District 2

Terry Manigault

District 6
The public library allows everyone the opportunity to see the world without leaving our beautiful county. It is the best kept secret in the world. A smiling face, friendly people, and helpful staff awaits all who enters the doors. I know that knowledge is power so I encourage you to gain an advantage, on the average citizen who does not use the library, by checking out and reading books and magazines on various topics, attending workshops and classes, learning the latest in computer technology, seeing a movie, hanging out with family and friends, and meeting new people. The best part is it is all Free. See You Soon In A Branch Near You!